Ryan Reynolds Wants Disney To Go Wild With Deadpool


When it comes to broadly describing Disney’s output, ‘wild’ isn’t one of the first terms that comes to mind. In fact, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that it comes close to the bottom of the list. That’s not to say the Mouse House always plays it completely safe, but having pivoted largely towards established IP in favor of originality, there’s been an increasing air of homogeneity to the studio’s blockbusters.

A lot of that has to do with high-profile and very expensive titles like Tomorrowland, John Carter, The Lone Ranger, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, A Wrinkle in Time and Mars Needs Moms all flopping at the box office, and it’s no coincidence the production line of live-action remakes has become Disney’s favored method for generating box office dollars.

Luckily, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been taking bigger swings and more risks than ever before thanks to an exciting roster of both Disney Plus and theatrical projects, but the R-rated Deadpool is an altogether different proposition.

We’ve heard many an unconfirmed rumor about behind the scenes disagreements between the studio and Ryan Reynolds over the tone, style and content of the Merc with a Mouth’s impending arrival in the MCU, but in a new interview the actor admitted that as long as Disney are willing to go wild with the character, he doesn’t mind if Wade Wilson debuts in somebody else’s film or it’s held off until his third solo outing.

“I think both are pretty warranted. I think you’re always gonna zig when everybody’s expecting you to zag when it comes to that character. As long as Disney’s open to doing some pretty wildly divergent or having some wildly divergent uses of Deadpool then I dig it, man. I think it’s all great.”

Of course, Deadpool already made his official MCU bow in a Free Guy trailer breakdown, and now that Reynolds is easing himself into the franchise, it surely won’t be too long before we see him on the big screen for the first time.