Samuel L. Jackson Is No Longer Hollywood’s Most Prolific Swearer

Samuel L Jackson

“I have had it with these motherf*cking snakes on this motherf*cking plane!”

Clearly, there are few actors who’ve committed as many swears on-screen as Hollywood’s most notorious potty mouth, Samuel L. Jackson. Indeed, not only does the super prolific American actor boast his own signature commanding and authoritative voice, but his off-the-charts level of vulgarity is only equal to his undisputed ice-cool charm and charisma. Long story short: everyone f*cking loves Samuel L. Jackson, right?

While most would think that the Pulp Fiction star would land atop a list featuring the most sweariest A-list actors in cinema, you may be surprised to hear that Jackson no longer holds the number one spot. In fact, according to a recent study by BuzzBingo – which looked at over 3,500 movie scripts and counted up all the profanities contained within them – Jackson only just about makes it into the top three with 301 swears, Leonardo DiCaprio nets second place with 361 profanities, and Jonah Hill wins the gold F-bomb medal with a whopping 376 vulgarities.

Meanwhile, the study also looked at the average amount of swear words each actor’s characters uttered for every 1,000 words of spoken dialogue. Surprisingly, Jackson didn’t even make it into the top three there. Instead, the top spots went to Leonardo DiCaprio, who came in third place with 10.7, Adam Sandler, who came in second place with 12.3, and Jonah Hill, who – once again – came in first place with an impressive average of 22.9 swear words for every 1,000 words of spoken dialogue.

Samuel L Jackson

Film-wise, the most foul-mouthed movies saw Martin Scorsese’s gangster classic Casino land third place with 606 swears, last year’s crime thriller Uncut Gems net second place with 646, and 2013’s award-winning comedy-drama The Wolf Of Wall Street take home first place with 715 profanities.

Of course, you don’t need to swear constantly to be cool, right? So though Samuel L. Jackson may’ve slipped down a few notches in the ol’ swearing department, we still think he’s one of the most entertaining actors around. But what say you? How do you feel about this new study? Is there too much swearing in movies these days? Or does it make films feel more realistic? Let us know in the usual place down below.