Avengers: Infinity War Directors Explain Why Scarlet Witch And Vision Were Defeated So Easily


Scarlet Witch and Vision are right up there in the power rankings of the heroes of the MCU, but neither had a massive amount of screentime in either Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers: Endgame. What was the reason for this, though?

Well, the Russo brothers recently did a “Tech Support” video for Wired in which they answered fans’ questions or queries about the last two Avengers movies on social media. One of them took the form of a criticism about why Wanda Maximoff and Vis were so de-powered in Infinity War and the Russos defended their decision by explaining that this is all perfectly clear in the narrative.

“Vision gets skewered at the beginning of that fight, so he’s really not functioning at full power. He then becomes a liability in the fight because now, Scarlet Witch has to protect a crippled Vision and it puts her at a disadvantage.”

Anthony Russo then clarified that Corvus Glaive’s blade must have been specially-designed to battle the android.  “As Vision mentions, that weapon has an effect on him that he didn’t expect.”

The pair have previously explained that powering down Vision, and distracting Wanda, in this way was one of the methods of raising the stakes. With two of the Avengers’ biggest guns out of the picture, the final battle in Wakanda became that much more dangerous. That said, they did give us some moments of Scarlet Witch showing off her incredible abilities in the movie. Even more so in Endgame, when she almost destroyed Thanos single-handedly.

Of course, Vision remained dead following his demise at the Mad Titan’s hands in Avengers: Infinity War, but this will no doubt be reversed in the upcoming WandaVision TV series. It’s thought that Wanda will develop her reality-warping powers from the comics and create a happy alternate reality for herself and her robot beau. This, coupled with Doctor Strange 2, should go some way to pleasing those who felt the couple were shortchanged in the past two Avengers movies.