Scarlett Johansson Reportedly Filed Her Lawsuit Because There Are No Plans For Black Widow


Nobody really stays dead in comic books or comic book movies except from Batman’s parents and Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben, but we can probably add Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff to that list after everything that’s gone down in the last few days between the actress and her former employers at The Walt Disney Company.

Even though the two-time Academy Award nominee was dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s main timeline and had admitted on several occasions that she was saying goodbye to the franchise in her long-awaited debut solo movie, you could barely turn around without bumping into a rumor linking her to at least a handful of big screen or Disney Plus projects.

However, a new report outlines that one of the main reasons Johansson finally decided to pull the trigger on the Black Widow lawsuit she never thought she’d actually get around to filing is because there are currently no plans to bring the character back in the movies or TV shows. In that case, she’s really got nothing to lose by taking action against the Mouse House in an effort to try and recoup some of the earnings she believes are due after the Phase Four opener was sent to Disney Plus Premier Access on day one without her contract being altered to reflect the change.

Johansson is known to be close with Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer and MCU architect Kevin Feige, who’s said to be furious over the whole situation, but any chances of the longtime fan favorite ever making a return in any sort of capacity appear to have gone up in smoke now that she’s not only taken legal action against Disney, but found herself on the end of some stinging barbs of rebuttal.