Scarlett Johansson’s Tower Of Terror Still Happening After Black Widow Lawsuit


Yesterday finally drew a line under the contentious and increasingly bitter battle between Scarlett Johansson and Disney over Black Widow being sent to Premier Access the same day it hit theaters, with both the actress and the Mouse House releasing statements confirming that the breach of contract lawsuit has been settled.

Not only that, but it would appear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s longtime Natasha Romanoff hasn’t completely burned her bridges with the studio either, after chairman Alan Bergman confirmed via The Hollywood Reporter that both parties remain committed to the Tower of Terror movie that was first announced to be in development just weeks before Johansson filed a claim against her former employers.

As the public mud-slinging between star and studio grew more intense, it looked as though there was no way Tower of Terror would end up happening, at least not with the two-time Academy Award nominee’s involvement. After all, you don’t threaten to take the all-powerful Disney corporation to court and then expect to waltz back in to headline and produce a big budget family-friendly blockbuster.

Fences have been mended, though, and Tower of Terror remains on the docket with the MCU’s former leather-clad operative heavily involved on either side of the camera. A Haunted Mansion reboot, Jungle Cruise sequel and two Pirates of the Caribbean projects are additionally in the works, so the theme park adaptation craze is back in full swing.