Scary Movie 5 Reveals Opening Death Scene Details

If there’s one thing all Scary Movie films are known for, besides cheap attempts at low-grade spoof humor, it would be each opening scene where a different random “celebrity” gets axed – and I use the term “celebrity” loosely. Looks like creators don’t even want to surprise audiences this time around though as they are already leaking which famous faces won’t make it past the beginning credits.

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The Playlist is confirming that previously cast actors Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are the lucky duo to be killed in the very first scene of Scary Movie 5, squashing previous speculation. Sheen and Lohan will play “the world’s hottest new couple” in their scene, and one can only imagine which horror film will be shamelessly exploited for their death.

Charlie Sheen isn’t a stranger to the franchise or an early death, suffering an unfortunate encounter with some male enhancement pills during the opening of Scary Movie 4. Appear in a Scary Movie once? Shame on you. Appear in a Scary Movie twice? Man, that just reeks of desperation. Also, casting couldn’t come up with a fresh celebrity death to at least offer some franchise variety? Pulling Sheen back for yet another mindless death seems wasteful and lazy, just trying to cash in on a face people responded to in the past.

In the same news brief it was also revealed that actor Terry Crews has officially joined the cast, offering a bit of news with at least some redeeming value. Crews is a funny guy no matter what role you throw him in, so maybe he can at least save a few scenes which his unconfirmed character appears in?

Then again, this is just another Scary Movie film. With the exclusion of all Wayans brothers, the departing of female lead Anna Faris, and the removal of David Zucker from directoral duties, one can only assume Scary Movie 5 will set the bar on immature and value devoid humor.

Does anyone out there actually want another Scary Movie? Haven’t we had enough of this spoof franchise?