Scope Out First Footage Of A Wintry Apocalypse In Snowpiercer


Considering this summer is crammed with apocalyptic fodder primed for the big cinema season ahead, the first footage of Joon Ho Bong’s sci-fi actioner, Snowpiercer, shows that you can still bust out of the armageddon box and brave new climates. A rather wintry one from the looks of it. Bong describes the film as set in a post apocalypse world wherein a few survivors ride aboard a train, separated by economic classes. Dissent begins as the differing classes start to pummel crap out of each other. Did we mention it’s on a train too? Brilliant.

This first featurette is in a foreign language, however, you can grasp the general idea of ice, cold, end of the world causing turmoil for all those involved. The cast is rammed with talent for a genre picture which includes John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans, Ed Harris, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer and Ewen Bremner.

The initial footage, which is rather brief, offers up glances at Swinton being directed and Evans behaving like a neanderthal with a mammoth beard.  Lasting a flashpan 1:01, the clip delves behind the scenes and mixes it up with live action footage from the film itself. The design of the sets and costumes bring up similarities to The Thing, which is no doubt enhanced by the snowy clime. You can check it out below!

Director Joon Ho Bong is the man responsible for the better-than-expected 2006 Korean hit, The Host, which managed to escape the trappings of every other foreign monster flick to hit DVD by being a cracking watch.

The Weinstein Company are aiming for a worldwide Summer 2013 release for the film but so far there have been no reports on roughly when it’s expected to land.

What do you make of the first footage of Snowpiercer? Think it sounds like The Thing trying to throw Throw Momma From The Train from a train? Go nuts in the comments below!