Scream Fans Are Freaking Out Over Courteney Cox’s Return As Gale Weathers


Last Friday, some big news broke that thrilled horror fans everywhere – Courteney Cox is officially returning as Gale Weathers in Scream 5The Friends star has been a leading player in all previous four films in the franchise, and she’ll be back once again as the no-nonsense reporter alongside ex-husband David Arquette as her on-screen husband Sheriff Dewey Riley in the much-anticipated rebootquel.

Obviously, Scream fans were overjoyed with the announcement and social media was flooded with Gale Weathers love over the weekend, as you can see below.

*Muppet chef’s kiss*

It’s time to scream… but, you know, with excitement, not horror.

How could they make a Scream movie without her?

The news that we’re getting more of Gale has got folks talking again about her iconic ever-changing hair across the movies. The big question now is: what kind of hair will she have this time?

It’s literally all people want to know.

I’m not kidding. Forget who Ghostface will be this time. This is the movie’s number one mystery.

As exciting as it is to have Cox back, fans are hoping it’ll soon be followed up with another announcement that Hayden Panettiere is returning as Scream 4‘s Kirby, too. Finger crossed.

Let’s not forget, as well, that Neve Campbell has yet to officially sign up to reprise Sidney Prescott for a fifth time. The actress revealed that she was in talks to return back in May, but we’re still waiting on confirmation that it’s all worked out. We did recently hear from our sources that the studio has finally managed to convince her to join the production and an announcement will be made shortly, but as of now, those involved with the project are keeping quiet.

In any case, Scream 5 is due to shoot this fall ahead of Paramount releasing it in theaters sometime in 2021, so we should know more soon.