Scream 5 Plot Details Tease Brutal Crimes And New Characters


Back in March, it was officially announced, after a lot of murmurings, that Scream 5 was officially on the way from Spyglass Entertainment, with Ready or Not directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett helming in the place of the late, great Wes Craven. We’ve got bits and pieces of additional info since then, but plot details have been kept closely under wraps. A brief logline now appears to have leaked online, however, teasing more Ghostface gore to come.

As shared by a Scream fan account on Twitter, via Zach Cherry on YouTube, Scream 5 will apparently follow “a character named Sarah, a woman with a troubled past who returns to her hometowm to found [sic] out who has been committing a series of vicious crimes. Other character names, meanwhile, include Teresa, Ryan, Annie, Leyla, Maud, Will & Cal.” And, if you’ll recall, this matches up pretty closely with plot details we shared with you from our own sources a few months back.

In the replies to this tweet, some fans are complaining that the main character of the movie will be a new creation and not Sidney Prescott, longtime protagonist of the slasher saga. However, it’s worth pointing out that this logline could be using an alias for that character or even all of them, as is very common. It’s highly possible that Sarah is Sidney – Sid definitely has a troubled past and bringing her back to Woodsboro would be the natural way to kick off the story.

Neve Campbell has revealed that she’s in talks to reprise her role, remember. Plus, David Arquette has 100% signed up to return as Dewey Riley. Scream 5 is certainly going to share continuity with the earlier films, then. It’s possible it won’t focus on the old characters as much as before, but if the directors know what the fans want, they’ll make sure to keep them at the heart of the movie. In any case, Campbell has stated that she’s impressed with the filmmakers’ vision and says they’ve shown respect for the originals, so that certainly bodes well.

Scream 5 is due to shoot in Wilmington, North Carolina later this year before hitting theaters sometime in 2021.