‘Scream’ fans pitch the perfect title for the upcoming sixth movie

Ghostface in 'Scream'
Image via Paramount/Spyglass

Scream fans haven’t had it so good since the ’90s. Hot off the fifth movie landing this January, production is already underway on the next installment in the meta-horror franchise. Just like we originally called the reboot Scream 5, before we knew that it was officially titled Scream, fans are referring to the upcoming film as Scream 6. But maybe it’s time we start thinking about what Radio Silence will really end up titling it.

Well, if directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin are looking for ideas, the fandom’s got them covered as Scream lovers have been sharing their pitches for Scream 6‘s title on the r/Scream subreddit. OP u/nordeliachase had a bunch of interesting ideas, like Scream Again ⁠— the original title of 1998’s Scream 2.

Some fans agreed with resurrecting the Scream Again name and offered up their dream title for Scream 7Scream Forever. It’s corny but it works.

But seeing as the new Scream‘s spartan title was inspired by 2018’s Halloween, maybe they should call the next one Scream Kills, too?

Alternatively, they could take the Alien track and go with Screams.

But maybe the simple yet accurate Scream 6 would suffice.

Although they could get a little creative with it.

Or, if they wanted to be chaotically evil, the studio could just keep on calling every subsequent movie Scream.

Anything but Scream: The Sequel, please.

To be honest, I kind of want it to be called Scream Louder now.

There are various options open to the filmmakers now that they’ve ditched the numbering system. They could try and form statements like Scream Again or Scream Louder or they could maybe go down the colon route. e.g. Scream: Legacy or, my personal pic, Scream: Lost in New York. Seeing as the 2022 flick’s title was announced after shooting finished, presumably we’ll likewise learn Scream 6‘s true name later this summer.