All Four Scream Movies Are Now Streaming On Netflix For Limited Time


Now that some of you have begun mapping out your “31 Days of Horror” agendas for display on social media, I’m sure that you’ll incorporate several of the requisite viewings into your plans. After all, what would this month be without digesting certain franchises like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and Halloween?

In my view, another one worth the time of lovers of the macabre is Scream. Being old enough to remember when each movie arrived on the scene, I can attest to how the first few flicks under that banner defined slashers in the 1990s, in addition to playing a huge part in the commercialization of Caller ID.

Well, beginning today, all four entries into the quadrilogy directed by Wes Craven are available for streaming on Netflix for a limited time only. Here’s what the popular service had to say regarding the matter on its official Twitter account, with an accompanying collage showing series lead Neve Campbell evolving as Sidney Prescott over the years below that:

“A lot can happen in a lifetime. For the next six days, you can marathon all four Scream movies on NetflixUS — take a stab at it!”

Holy crap, that is indeed a very limited time! Still, this affords neophytes and veterans alike the chance to either acquaint or reacquaint themselves with some true classics. If this franchise was known for anything, it was its ability to simultaneously scare audiences and intrigue them with a “whodunit,” as well as offering commentaries on the horror genre and modern society.

If the four Scream movies don’t prove enough to satisfy your bloodlust, then I highly recommend seeking out the TV series of the same name recently developed for MTV. Though I’ve yet to see the rebooted third season for myself, it’s worth checking out the first two. They may follow their own storyline, sure, but you’ll likewise be hooked. The second season got especially dark and gruesome, so stick around for that at the very least.