‘Scream’ ominously warns Jenna Ortega is going from hunter to hunted

Jenna Ortega Wednesday
Screengrab via YouTube

We did not plan, nor do we ever plan, to start off the day being worried for Jenna Ortega. After all, we know she’s more than capable of holding her own after catching her turn in Wednesday, so what sort of threat could possibly shake the core of one of the world’s top scream queens?

We’re not sure ourselves, but the official Twitter account for the upcoming film Scream VI certainly took a stab at it, letting us all know that Ortega won’t be the same apex predator she was in Wednesday.

Indeed, it looks like Ghostface will have it out for Ortega, who will be portraying Tara Carpenter, the half-sister of Billy Loomis’ illegitimate daughter Samantha, in the slasher sequel. The Ortega fanbase, known for their volume, are letting the masked menace know just what they think about that.

The platform wasn’t entirely void of Ghostface stans, with none other than Netflix itself wishing Ghostface the best of luck in their hunt for Ortega’s head. An interesting camaraderie, to be sure, but Netflix does need her alive for the second season of Wednesday.

Ultimately, there’s no stopping Team Ortega, who stood at the ready to rally around their champion in the blink of an eye.

Tara Carpenter versus Ghostface might be an interesting match-up on its own, but we’d be remiss to ignore that Twitter has now put the idea of Wednesday Addams versus Ghostface into our heads; a showdown that would no doubt escalate if both combatants were given prep time.

Whatever Ghostface has in their bag of tricks, we’re sure Ortega will have some final girl-adjacent know-how to give the stab-happy scoundrel a run for their money, but we’ll just have to see how it all plays out when Scream VI slices and dices its way into cinemas on March 10.