‘Scream’ set to dethrone ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ at the box office


Having become the eighth highest-grossing movie ever made in less than a month, the money men at Sony and Marvel Studios aren’t going to be losing too much sleep over Spider-Man: No Way Home slipping from the top of the box office after four weeks at number one.

Tom Holland’s third solo outing is fast closing in on $1.6 billion, so there’s evidently a huge number of fans out there that have already seen the multiversal blockbuster at least twice. January has never been regarded as the strongest month at the box office, but Scream is poised for a franchise-high opening weekend that knocks Spidey from his perch.

In fact, there’s even a chance that the fifth installment in the slasher series will set an MLK holiday record for horror, one that currently belongs to the $32.1 million accrued by Andy Muschietti’s Mama back in 2013. As we saw with Halloween Kills last year, sequels that are part of a recognizable property are capable of demolishing even the most optimistic of projections, so Scream could realistically fly a lot higher.

The early reviews have been encouraging, and the buzz is plenty strong, so by this time on Sunday we could be talking about a seriously impressive first-weekend haul for the long-awaited return of Ghostface.