Sebastian Stan Reportedly Set To Return As Bucky Barnes In Captain America 4

Sebastian Stan in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Yesterday news broke that Anthony Mackie would be taking up the mantle of Captain America once against in series fourth film, however, according to reports, the other half of Disney+’s The Falcon and Winter Soldier will be returning also.

One of Giant Freakin Robot’s trusted sources informed that the outlet that Sebastian Stan has joined the cast of the upcoming Captain America 4, reprising his role of Bucky Barnes. This doesn’t come as a complete surprise given the trajectory that these two characters have shared throughout the duration of the Disney+ series.

After the news of Mackie’s return as Captain America, Stan shared a post to social media celebrating the news, but now just hours later it seems he has news of his own.

This will be the fifth time that Mackie has appeared in a big-screen Marvel release, outside of his uncredited cameo in Black Panther of course, but right now it isn’t clear how big a role his character will play in the film.

Bucky Barnes’s first appearance was within the Captain America sequel The Winter Soldier and since then the character has undergone some extensive development from villain to hero and ally to the Avengers. Given this growth over his run in the MCU and the Disney+ series in which he played a major role it only makes sense that he continues the story of Bucky Barnes in this upcoming Captain America film.

Outside of these two castings, there is little that has been reported regarding the plot of Captain America 4, or the timeline for when production will begin.