Warner Bros. Reportedly Adding A Seventh Villain Into The Batman


The Batman is Matt Reeves’ upcoming reboot of DC’s Dark Knight following Ben Affleck’s run with the franchise and as with any movie about the iconic superhero, there’s been a ton of buzz surrounding it, from the controversial casting of the lead role to the news that the film will feature not just one or two but six villains from the comics. And now, it seems that Warner Bros. may be adding one more into the mix.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Robert Pattinson had beat out Nicholas Hoult for the lead role, and who revealed that both Jonah Hill and Mahershala Ali were attached to the pic before they had to depart, all of which turned out to be true – Clayface will be making his debut in The Batman. In the comics, the villain has a look and power set similar to Spider-Man’s Sandman and has been been the alter-ego for a number of different characters throughout the years.

The body-morphing aspect of Clayface will apparently be portrayed with the help of CGI, while a Jackie Earle Haley-type actor – or even Haley himself – is wanted to voice the role. And with Clayface now joining the Riddler, Mad Hatter, Two-Face, Catwoman, Penguin and Firefly as the villains said to be appearing in the film, it seems like the Dark Knight is going to have his hands pretty full with a whopping total of seven antagonists. Assuming all of them end up making it into the final cut, that is.

While fans might complain that using so many villains means no one rogue will be allowed enough screen time to make a proper impression, it must be remembered that Reeves plans to make a murder-mystery noir film, where Batman’s investigating a crime and interrogating his rogues gallery in the process, any one of whom might be the culprit.

It’s thus pretty likely that most of the villains in The Batman will be shown very fleetingly in the capacity of possible suspects, with the majority of the scenes being provided to two or three baddies who are actually central to the plot and not just red herrings.