‘Shang-Chi’ fans pitch villains to cause havoc in the highly-anticipated sequel

Following the big bucks it brought in at the box office and subsequent streaming success, Marvel officially announced Shang-Chi was getting a sequel this week. Simu Liu is excited, and so are fans, but though the next film might not go before cameras until 2023, folks are already starting to think about what Shang-Chi 2 has in store. Specifically, what villains the new wielder of the Ten Rings could battle next.

In the first movie, Shang-Chi and his allies managed to defeat the Dweller-in-Darkness and save the mystical city of Ta-Lo and the world at large, although the hero lost his father, Wenwu, in the process. It’s hard to imagine how a sequel could up the scale, but MCU fans have a few ideas. Posting on the r/MarvelStudios subreddit, u/cbekel3618 got the ball rolling on a discussion about which villains should feature in the follow-up.

In response to the OP mentioning Xialing (Meng’er Zhang), one commenter argued that Shang-Chi’s sister shouldn’t be the big bad. Instead, they voiced an interest in seeing Iron Fist reintroduced into the MCU.

In fact, a reboot of Danny Rand was the most common response across the board.

Now there’s an idea.

As mentioned above, Fin Fang Foom is another very common choice, as fans think he may be the creator of the Ten Rings.

Fin Fang Foom is the only choice.

Another wants the sequel based in the US, with Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo helping Shang-Chi battle the Golden Claw crime gang.

And what about a reboot of the Hand?

That could work.

Alternatively, if you want female villains — how about Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter and the Bride of Nine Spiders?

Clearly, Marvel has enough material to create a Shang-Chi trilogy, let alone a single sequel. But for now, catch Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings on Disney Plus.