Sharon Carter Could Be The MCU’s First Female Captain America


With Steve Rogers having retired in Avengers: Endgame, the world needs a new Captain America. Though we thought that was going to be Sam Wilson, it looks like there might actually be numerous heroes picking up the mantle in the future of the MCU, as We Got This Covered has heard Marvel wants a diverse range of Captain Americas in the franchise.

This includes a female Cap and while their plans aren’t entirely clear right now, our sources – who’ve previously fed us accurate info in the form of news on a She-Hulk TV show and an Aladdin sequel before these were made official – have given us one name that could take the role: Emily VanCamp’s Sharon Carter. Although, it’s hard to say right now how exactly this could work out.

After all, Sharon AKA Agent 13 has never had any superpowers or any claim to the Cap mantle in the comics, but then again, Marvel Studios has always done its own thing in the movies anyways. Not that this necessarily means Sharon will start calling herself Captain America. We’ve previously reported that Eli Bradley AKA Patriot is counted as one of these multiple Caps and that he’ll join the MCU in the Young Avengers TV series.

We already know that Emily VanCamp is due to return as Sharon in Disney Plus’ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The actress has hinted that the series will explain her absence from the past few movies as being down to her having been on the run since her role in helping Team Cap in Captain America: Civil War. It’s unknown if the show might also explore Sharon becoming a Cap or if that’s a development that will happen later down the road, but we should also note that our sources have said this isn’t set in stone yet and another character could wind up as the female Captain America instead. As always, though, we’ll be sure to let you know once we learn more.