Simon West Takes On Heat For Jason Statham Vehicle

Simon West and Jason Statham are remaking Heat. No, no, not the Michael Mann epic, the other one. The one with Burt Reynolds. West landed the gig after elbowing Brian De Palma out of the director’s chair and will now re-team with Statham, who he worked with before on The Mechanic and Expendables 2.

Based on the William Goldman novel of the same name, Heat was first brought to the big screen in a 1987 flick starring Burt Reynolds. Goldman has also written the script for this latest version, which plots Statham as an ex-gambler who hunts down a mobster for beating up his best mate.

To say Jason Statham has pitched himself as an action star would be quite the understatement, as the high-octane movies we’ve grown accustomed to seeing him in are essentially their own genre. A bloke on a mission to put right wrongs, tossing out one liners while kicking arse has been staked out in recent years as unique Statham territory. With Simon West at the helm, it’s easy to imagine what the end product will be. But there’s nothing wrong with that.

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(Source: The Film Stage)

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