Solo Hulk Movie Reportedly In Active Development At Marvel


As fans may be aware, the reason there hasn’t been another Hulk solo movie since 2008’s The Incredible Hulk is because, while Marvel can use the Jade Giant how they like, Universal holds the distribution rights to any solo films about him. The former studio has so far managed to make do with the situation by featuring Mark Ruffalo’s character in ensemble pics like The Avengers or crossing him over into other hero’s outings, such as Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel may be about to try their boldest strategy yet, though: making a Hulks team-up flick.

Giant Freakin Robot has shared that their sources tell them another Hulk solo movie is now in development. ‘Solo’ might not be the most accurate word to use, though, as GFR writes that it’s set to be “a launching point” for multiple Hulks in the MCU. We’re already getting Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters in Disney Plus’ She-Hulk series, so it seems the studio is making moves to introduce other Hulks in this potential project.

How, exactly, they’re able to do this remains unclear, but there’ve been rumors over the last little while that Marvel’s managed to sort out the messy rights issues with Universal. Of course, it’s also possible that the latter only possesses the distribution rights for solo Bruce Banner films and if a movie is built around multiple Hulks, then maybe that can allow Marvel to circumvent the thorny legal situation.

As for which Hulks could be featured in this project, there are two names that spring to mind first. For one, there’s Amadeus Cho, the teenage genius who succeeded Banner as the Hulk. His mother, Helen, already appeared in the MCU in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Then there’s Red Hulk, the transformed form of General Ross. William Hurt’s Secretary of State has become a regular player over the past few years and, given that we’re pretty sure Marvel is working on assembling his Thunderbolts team, Red Hulk’s arrival could be likely. Otherwise, maybe Liv Tyler’s Betty Ross might become Red She-Hulk, like in the comics. In any case, it sounds like the Hulk is getting ready to return to the big screen in his own movie, and we can’t wait to see what the studio’s got planned.