Solo: A Star Wars Story Fan Video Edits Harrison Ford’s Face Onto The Character


As much as Alden Ehrenreich tried to make the character his own, Harrison Ford will probably always be regarded as the definitive Han Solo – a truth that’s only further stressed by this remarkably well-made fan video. YouTuber Derpfakes has taken scenes from the recent Solo: A Star Wars Story and fulfilled the fantasies of many an Original Trilogy loyalist by imposing a young Ford’s face over Ehrenreich’s.

Though it’s strange to hear a new voice come out of Ford’s mouth, it’s a surprisingly convincing modification that pretty much pulls off what Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was given a much bigger budget to achieve.

The reanimation of the late Peter Cushing was a divisive choice for the Gareth Edwards-helmed flick, with some viewers finding the CGI-assisted return of Grand Moff Tarkin to be either distractingly fake-looking or in poor taste. So while a young Carrie Fisher was also included by similar means, it’s not too surprising that the same method isn’t being used to bring back the actress for Star Wars: Episode IX. Instead, General Leia will be featuring via unused footage from her last two movies, an approach that earned the approval of both Fisher’s brother Todd and her co-star Mark Hamill.

Going back to Solo: A Star Wars Story, and though Ehrenreich technically has a three-movie deal as Han, it’s quite possible that he won’t make it past the first one. Despite generally favorable reviews, the Star Wars prequel missed the mark at the box office, casting serious doubt on the film’s chances of getting a follow-up. With Ehrenreich possibly walking away from this franchise with only one feature under his belt, it looks like Ford’s reputation as the definitive Solo remains safe for the foreseeable future.