Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Reportedly Hit With Another Delay

Sonic the Hedgehog

It’s pretty ironic that a film about the fastest hedgehog on earth is taking so long to come out. After already being delayed from November to February, Sonic the Hedgehog looks like it’s now been pushed back again another month to March 2020.

Several particularly vigilant Twitter users noticed that the movie’s official account had changed its bio to “speeding into theaters March 2020.” The screenshot caught the attention of the Internet and the sentence in question was quickly erased by whoever runs the page.

This is currently the only indication that the flick has been pushed back, so it’s possible that it could’ve just been a mistake by whoever runs the feature’s social media platforms. It’s worth noting though that the account still hasn’t changed their original header, which says that the film is coming out in November.

If this glaring mistake has been overlooked for months, it’s not absurd to think that someone just posted the wrong month in the bio and then erased it when they were alerted to the error. If this was the case, though, it would make more sense to just correct the slip-up by changing the description from March to February. Instead the bio’s been totally erased, leading many to believe that an announcement is forthcoming.

Considering that the film has already been delayed once, it seems likely that this date change isn’t just a blunder and fans fear that another postponement is coming. One month isn’t a super long deferral by any stretch, but it’s definitely representative of how this movie has been beset with problems ever since the first trailer dropped in late April.

The entire Internet stopped what it was doing that day to roast the horrifying absurdity of Sonic’s appearance. The criticisms were so strong that the studio agreed to redesign the character, thus prompting the film’s first delay. Now, it seems like it might be getting pushed back again. None of this bodes very well for the video game adaptation, but executives and fans alike are hoping that the juice will still be worth the squeeze.

Sonic the Hedgehog is expected to hit theaters some time this century, though even that seems tentative at this point.