Sonic The Hedgehog Post-Credits Scenes Explained


Following a much-publicized delay and total redesign of its central star, Sonic The Hedgehog is finally out in cinemas.

Many fans of Sega’s iconic mascot have already attended initial screenings of Paramount’s long-awaited video game adaptation and the consensus, thankfully, has been positive overall. And, as is the case with most modern-day blockbusters, it’ll likely come as little surprise that filmmakers have tucked away a number of additional scenes as a treat for attendees who stay seated after the credits roll. For audiences who perhaps aren’t well-versed in the deep lore surrounding Sonic (or, for that matter, have yet to book their tickets), however, worry not – help is on-hand.

It goes without saying that major story spoilers lay ahead, so if you’d rather experience Sonic The Hedgehog‘s post-credits Easter eggs for yourselves, click away now!

Two separate mid-credits sequences are shown at Sonic The Hedgehog‘s conclusion. The first of these concerns Dr. Robotnik and the fate that befalls him after being thrown through a Ring Portal. Now stranded on Sonic’s homeworld of Mobius, the mad scientist is shown taking on a form more akin to that of his appearance in the games. Sporting a bushy, unkempt moustache, hairless cranium and considerably more bulk, Eggman appears to have been living on Mobius for quite some time by this point, setting the stage for his future endeavors to conquer the planet and enslave its inhabitants as mindless machines.

As for the second bonus scene, anyone who’s been straying into spoiler territory in recent days will no doubt have already spotted a certain friend of Sonic’s. Yes, only a mere few seconds of screen time he may have, but Miles “Tails” Prower does briefly appear to confirm that a tracking beacon has uncovered his missing friend’s location before promptly cutting to black. Laying further groundwork for a potential sequel? Perhaps, though this particular scene comes off more as an excuse to include Tails as a nod to fans, rather than any meaningful teaser of things to come.

And there you have it! Sonic The Hedgehog is out now in theaters worldwide, so if you’re looking for a few hours of fun this weekend, this could well be the answer you’ve been searching for.