Sony Brings The Hype With 20 HD Photos For Venom


It’s fair to say there’s a lot riding on Venom‘s oily, inky-black shoulders.

For one, the movie features a host of A-list talent (see: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed), while there’s also the small matter of Sony’s fledgling comic book universe that will, through time, play host to big-name heroes (anti-heroes, really) like Morbius, Silk and Kraven the Hunter.

So, it’s clear Sony Pictures is hoping to spin out a full-blown franchise from Venom‘s origin story, which itself is all about Eddie Brock and his encounter with the titular alien symbiote. Its goopy anatomy and silvery skin allows Eddie to morph and evolve at a moment’s notice, resulting in some truly spectacular action scenes – if the Venom trailer campaign is any indication, mind you.

But in order to bring us closer to the film itself, Sony (h/t CBM) has today rolled out an entire gallery of ultra HD stills to get you excited for the October 5th feature. Feast thy eyes:

From Riz Ahmed’s scheming Carlton Drake to a visibly distressed Eddie Brock, this media dump has it all, and will surely stoke excitement ahead of next month’s big release.

Last we reported, Venom was tracking for a record-setting box office opening in North America ($60M-$70M), though we’ll have to wait until such time as the review embargo lifts before we can begin to gauge the film’s long-term success – or lack thereof.

But in the interest of staying positive, let us remind you that Venom is currently scheduled for release on October 5th, by which point we’ll be able to see what all the fuss is about regarding Tom Hardy’s dual performance. We’ll give you a clue: one’s a monster; the other’s a down-on-his-luck reporter…