Sony Developing Live-Action Female-Led Iron Spider Movie

Iron Spider

Sony is pressing ahead with its plans to create a wide-ranging universe out of the Spider-Man franchise. With Peter Parker mostly tied up in the MCU, the studio is making use of the fact that audiences are now familiar with the extended Spider-Verse to dip into the multiverse and build movies around other versions of the wall-crawler. We’ve yet to see any live-action properties from this line of thinking, but we know that they’re in the works and here’s another to add to the list.

We Got This Covered has heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Marvel was developing a She-Hulk show and that Deadpool 3 was coming in 2022, which looks to be all but confirmed now – that Sony is working on a live-action Iron Spider movie. Specifically, this will star Mary Jane Watson in the Iron Spider armor.

If you’ll recall, MJ donned the red and gold Stark-made suit to help Spidey and Iron Man in battle back in 2016’s Amazing Spider-Man #15. This one-off event’s become very popular with fans, too, and it seems Sony might now reimagine the MJ Iron Spider as a fully-fledged superhero from another reality.

Furthermore, we’re hearing that this would be part of the Venom/Morbius world and apparently, the studio is considering “Saoirse Ronan types” to play the part of this alt-Mary Jane. Not necessarily the Little Women star herself, but someone in that ballpark.

In any case, the studio is certainly keen on this idea, as they may also include her in the upcoming Spider-Verse 2 animated sequel, as one of several new Spideys who’ll debut. Presumably, Sony is hoping to recreate the success of Spider-Gwen from the first Spider-Verse film. Hailee Steinfeld’s heroine is coming back for both a sequel and an all-female Spider-Women spinoff, after all. And as MJ is Peter’s other great love interest, why not make her a Spider, too?

The next Spider-Man-related Marvel movie from Sony will be Morbius, out next July, but while we wait to learn more about this project, tell us, do you have any interest in an MJ Iron Spider flick? Swing over to the comments and let us know.