Sony Developing Venom And Morbius Crossover Movie


Sony may have already abandoned two Spider-Man franchises of their own, and threatened to derail a third following their much-publicized dispute with Marvel Studios over the future of the iconic superhero, but the studio still seem desperately keen to establish a Spidey-adjacent cinematic universe.

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker may be officially set to continue on as one of the MCU’s key players, but the new deal between Sony and Marvel also allows the actor to appear in movies for both studios, and there’s little doubt that the former will be keen to milk that particular cash cow for all it’s worth. However, they can’t rely on Spider-Man alone, and following Venom‘s mammoth box office haul a couple of years ago, Sony finally have a bankable comic book franchise based on another character.

Venom 2 is already well into pre-production, with Andy Serkis set to direct and Woody Harrelson reprising his post-credits role as Eddie Brock’s arch-nemesis Carnage and now, sources close to We Got This Covered – the same ones who told us that a new Scream movie was happening, which was confirmed this week – have informed us that Sony are already planning some high-profile superhero crossover events of their own.

The Jared Leto-starring Morbius hits theaters several months before Venom 2, with reports indicating that the symbiotic antihero is set to make a cameo appearance in it, and according to our intel, the studio is keen to have the two characters cross paths at some point in a future movie. If this all seems like they’re intent on directly copying the MCU’s formula and hoping for similar results, that’s because this is exactly what it is.

As is the case with any crossover film, we’ve heard that Morbius and Venom will begin as adversaries before uniting to take down a common foe. The details on this potential project end there, but with Sony’s own Marvel Universe banking heavily on the success of Morbius in order to give Venom some support as a viable franchise, it would make total sense for the two to team up and make the most of their potential box office appeal. And as soon as we learn more about what the studio’s got planned, we’ll definitely let you know.