Sony Reportedly Developing God Of War Movie Or Show, Will Be Announced Soon

Image via Playstation

God of War has been one of Sony’s biggest video game franchises ever since the first outing debuted on PlayStation 2 way back in 2005. Kratos has gone on to behead, disembowel and dismember all manner of mythological beasties over seven adventures, culminating in 2018’s incredible God of War. This was a soft reboot that shifted focus from Greek to Norse mythology, introduced more mature themes and added a lot of depth to Kratos’ character. It’s considered one of the finest efforts of the generation and everyone is eagerly looking forward to the sequel due for release late next year.

All this success means it’s not a huge surprise that rumors are building of Sony developing a God of War movie or TV show, with insider Daniel Richtman the latest to report on its existence. There’s been talk of a film ever since the first game, though Daniel Craig apparently turned down the role and the project was then assumed to have been canned. But after the 2018 title, interest has spiked once more, with Jason Momoa tipped for Kratos and Dave Bautista linked to Ares. As for Richtman’s claim, he can’t confirm whether it’ll be a series or feature-length movie, but he says an announcement is coming soon.


Whatever form it takes, it’d be easy to slot it into the games’ continuity. After all, there’s a substantial time gap between God of War III and the PS4 title. We don’t know exactly how much time passed, but fans have pegged it at somewhere between 150 and 200 years. In any case, the story of Kratos abandoning what was left of ancient Greece after finishing off Zeus and travelling north remains untold and should contain some neat moments.

If this were to happen, my preference would be for a 3D animated show in the same visual style as the games, preferably with Christopher Judge reprising the role of Kratos. He gave one of my all-time favorite performances in God of War and it’d be a shame to stray too far from that.