Sony Reportedly Discussing A Venom And Deadpool Team-Up Movie


The agreement between Sony and Marvel Studios to share production of Spider-Man movies has proved to be a very fruitful partnership so far, with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker now firmly established as one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s marquee characters, while Sony have been reaping the financial rewards after Far From Home became their highest-grossing release ever.

Although the terms of the new deal haven’t been made public, most people are under the assumption that Holland will appear in various superhero pics for both studios as the likes of Venom, Morbius and the recently announced Kraven the Hunter gradually build towards the inevitable Sinister Six blockbuster. But it seems that’s not all that’s in the works.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones that told us Thor: Love and Thunder would be adapting Jane Foster’s cancer storyline months before Natalie Portman confirmed it – Sony are interested in Marvel returning the favor and lending them some MCU characters, with the possibility of a team-up movie between Venom and Deadpool reportedly coming up in conversation at the studio.

Of course, the idea of seeing Ryan Reynolds and Tom Hardy co-star in a superhero film is an incredibly exciting proposition, and Deadpool has plenty of history with the Venom symbiote in the comic books having once been bonded with it to create Venompool. With Deadpool 3 remaining lodged in development hell as the leading man busies himself with countless other projects in the meantime, there’s every chance that this one might not make it much further than the idea stage, especially if the rival studios have to hammer out another round of negotiations in order to make it a reality. But still, we’re told that it’s at least been discussed and should it eventually happen, fans would no doubt go wild.