Sony’s Marvel Movies Will Now Be Able To Make MCU References


Friday brought the tremendous news that Spider-Man is remaining in the MCU for the foreseeable future, with Spider-Man 3 to be produced by Marvel Studios and the wall-crawler dropping by for another flick in the franchise afterwards, too – likely Avengers 5What’s more, it seems this new deal between Disney and Sony means that the pair are sharing the character more equally than before, as Kevin Feige has hinted that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will show up in Sony’s Marvel movies as well.

Not only does this mean that he could drop by for Venom 2but also that Sony will now be able to reference MCU films in their own efforts. We Got This Covered has been informed that future Sony movies can allude to the MCU but ONLY if Holland is involved in that particular production.

What’s more, our sources – the same ones who told us Ewan McGregor was returning as Obi-Wan and that Jonah Hill is starring in The Batman, both of which are now confirmed – have said it can only be small references for the time being. Nothing major, but just enough to plant some seeds and inform fans that there’s some connective tissue between the two cinematic universes.

This is particularly interesting as folks have been wondering if Sony’s films are secretly set in the MCU ever since Venom arrived, which isn’t impossible despite certain plot points in the Tom Hardy flick conflicting with MCU continuity. Feige’s comments about Holland appearing in both cinematic universes seemed to tie the two together to some extent, but how it’ll all play out in the end is still a bit unclear.

In any case, these small references in future Sony films should go some way to explaining everything and while we don’t expect anything major to happen in say Venom 2 or Morbius that’ll bridge the gap between the MCU and SUMC, it’s still nice to know that the seeds will start to be planted in the near future as Disney and Sony continue to figure out how best to go about sharing Spider-Man.