It Sounds Like The Crow Remake Is Going To Lose Its Director


Things just keep on getting worse for Relativity’s remake of The Crow. After losing both Luke Evans and Jack Huston, the studio’s bankruptcy threw the movie into further chaos, but they’re still attempting to forge ahead with the project despite the fact that many of those working on it behind the scenes have also now left.

The latest issue is the possible departure of of director Corin Hardy. With Relativity preparing for the sale of the company, The Crow is obviously among the projects which will be shopped around, but producer Edward R. Pressman has filed an objection about them including this movie as one of their assets. That’s despite the fact that they’ve so far invested over $7 million in it and hold the rights to not only a remake, but also sequels and prequels if they so choose.

It basically comes down to the producer believing that Relativity are going to be unable to commit to following through on their obligation to finance The Crow, hence why it shouldn’t be among their assets when a sale price for the studio is decided upon. They just don’t have the money needed to see it through to the end, and Pressman has even claimed that The Crow is, “in danger of losing the services of the director of the picture … who is widely regarded as a key creative element. Thus, the production of the picture is imploding even as the time to make the picture is running out under the Crow contract.”

Pressman no doubt has an ulterior motive in the action he’s taking, as the rights will revert to him in 18 months time if shooting doesn’t begin before that deadline. Either way though, with no leading man, no proper financing, and now a director close to leaving the project, The Crow probably isn’t going to be happening any time soon.

Source: The Wrap