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Spawn Reboot Will Reportedly Be Loosely Based On Miracle Twins Arc

Todd McFarlane's long-mooted Spawn reboot will reportedly be based on the popular Miracle Twins story arc from the comics.


Spawn fans have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for Todd McFarlane’s movie reboot, but updates on the project seem to be coming in thick and fast now. Casting rumours and reports of potential Marvel crossovers have emerged in recent weeks, and now some plot specifics have been brought to our attention.

According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us that Green Lantern and Justice League Dark series were coming to HBO Max, and that an Extraction sequel is in the works, all of which were correct – the Spawn reboot will be loosely based on the Miracle Twins arc. As the diehards will already know, this plotline ran between issues #95 and #96 of the Images Comics series’ first volume and dealt with the birth of Katie and Jake Fitzgerald.

It’s good to hear that McFarlane is planning to revisit a fan favourite storyline, rather than retread Al Simmons’ origin story like the 1997 live-action Spawn movie did. If there’s one thing the world doesn’t need, it’s another superhero origin tale. Plus, anything remotely similar to the hellspawn’s big screen debut will no doubt be a hard sell for some.

Previous reports do indeed suggest that the Spawn creator is taking a radically different approach this time. After all, the revival is expected to be R-rated with amped-up horror elements and mature themes, which sounds like a good fit for the source material.

Jamie Foxx has been strongly linked with a leading role in the film, but the latest reports have cast doubt on his involvement. Jeremy Renner and Josh Gad are among the other big names said to be on hand to join the cast if the reboot goes ahead as planned, but as of now, there’s still much that’s up in the air.

McFarlane has made it clear that he intends to direct Spawn himself though and hopefully shoot it later this year, but it’s unclear whether the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted those plans. As always though, we’ll bring you any further updates as they emerge.

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