Need For Speed Is Getting A Speedy 3D Conversion

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The Aaron Paul vehicle Need For Speed has been getting a healthy dose of buzz recently, including a Super Bowl commercial and early press screenings. It appears to be all set for its premiere in a bit over a month but come the release on March 14, audiences will have the option of seeing the film in either 2D or 3D, as Need For Speed undergoes a fast 3D conversion.

The reveal came from Box Office Mojo’s Twitter feed (via /Film), and as yet has received no official confirmation from DreamWorks. It’s unclear as to whether the conversion was intended by director Scott Waugh, or if this is a last minute attempt  to eke a bit more money from the film upon release. It certainly does not signify a lot of confidence in the project as it stands. With the release date rapidly approaching, one hopes that the conversion started longer ago than this announcement seems to indicate.

Last minute 3D conversions usually do not work out so well. The visuals wind up looking muddy and dark, while the 3D itself adds little to the experience. We need only recall what happened to Clash of the Titans (not a great film to begin with) to back this up. Given that Need For Speed already looks like a sub-par entry into the Fast & Furious franchise, I am not feeling terribly optimistic about it.

We will have to wait and see what the 3D conversion means for the filmThere will still be the 2D option, of course, and perhaps the conversion will enhance some of the car chase action. We can only hope.

Let us know what you think about this bit of news in the comments section below. Will you go to see the film in 3D?

Need For Speed opens on March 14th.

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