Spider-Man fans ponder when Miles Morales should make his MCU debut

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With a whole solo trilogy and three team-up movies under his belt, Tom Holland is well and truly the most prolific cinematic Spider-Man ever, so does that mean it’s time for Marvel Studios to start thinking about moving away from Peter Parker and building up to his comic book replacement Miles Morales taking on the mantle? Holland himself has indicated he might be looking for an out, even though Sony and Marvel are developing a new trilogy for him. But what would be the best way to deal with this passing of the web-shooters? Spidey fans have some ideas…

Redditor u/Snoo_19146 kickstarted the discussions by asking the r/MarvelStudios subreddit for their theories on how Miles should be introduced into the MCU.

One pitch that everybody loved was the concept of a low-key post-credits scene for Spider-Man 4 in which Miles is casually introduced in a sequence showing him hanging around with his uncle Aaron (Donald Glover, as introduced back in Spider-Man: Homecoming and not seen since).

If Miles did get a cameo in Spidey 4, then, folks like the idea of his rise to heroism slowly unfolding across the next two entries in the second trilogy.

Obviously, the recent Spider-Man PS4 game offered a winning way of working Miles into Peter’s story, so some are thinking the movies might take inspiration from that.

The problem with the long-game approach, though, as some pointed out, is that you don’t want Miles to be too old by the time he finally gets to be Spider-Man.

So maybe Marvel should wait until after Peter’s journey is complete?

Others don’t want to see Peter sidelined after finally stepping up in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

There is one unfortunate downside of Miles’ arrival…

Here’s an alternate approach: what if Miles is actually from Andrew Garfield’s Earth?

With nothing revealed about Spider-Man 4 as yet, there’s no way of knowing where and when Miles Morales could enter the MCU. But it feels like his day is coming soon.