Sony Formally Announces Spider-Man: Far From Home Title


Just to make things officially official, Deadline has today relayed the official announcement from Sony Pictures to confirm that, yes, Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the title of Parker’s next solo outing.

Infinity War‘s Tom Holland let the cat out of the bag this past weekend, when he let slip that Jon Watts’ follow-up to Homecoming will release as Far From Home. It’s a subtitle with several meanings, according to Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, though the primary connotation appears to be that this 2019 sequel will whisk Peter Parker off to Europe on summer vacation with his friends.

The English capital of London and a number of other European cities have been earmarked as filming locations, too, with Watts and his team expected to get the ball rolling within the next two to three weeks.

We also know that Jake Gyllenhaal is on the verge of landing his first major comic book role (he’s negotiating for Mysterio), and Far From Home faces a tall order if it’s to top the box office success of its predecessor – as Deadline points out, Homecoming grossed $334.2 million domestically for a worldwide total of $880.1 million, higher than It and Wonder Woman, two of 2017’s biggest movies.

But similar to how Ant-Man 2 is expected to piggyback off the Infinity War hype, Far From Home will likely benefit from being the first MCU installment to come after Avengers 4.

So once we’ve cleared Ant-Man and the Wasp, Captain Marvel and that little-known sequel called Avengers 4, it’s Spidey time, baby. And fans can look forward to Peter Parker’s next standalone adventure – an adventure that is now known as Spider-Man: Far From Home – swinging into theaters in time for July 5th.