Spider-Man: No Way Home Leak Reportedly Reveals Green Goblin

Spider-Man Green Goblin

Willem Dafoe hasn’t been officially confirmed for Spider-Man: No Way Home as of yet, but it was made pretty clear in the trailer that he’s going to be involved, after a pumpkin bomb was seen right before the Green Goblin’s maniacal laugh rang out.

As has been the case with most things related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, Sam Raimi’s Norman Osborn has been the subject of much rumor and speculation as to how and why he fits into the narrative, as well as a potentially upgraded costume that leans harder into the character’s comic book roots.

Potential spoilers for No Way Home are spreading across the internet like wildfire, and as you can see below, the latest in a long line of what’s said to be official promo art and BTS images have landed online, which you can see below.

That matches up with the descriptions we heard the other day, offering a more battle-worn look for the Green Goblin that finally features some purple. Based on the sheer volume of information seeping onto social media less than seven weeks out for release, Marvel and Sony are as well letting every cat out of its respective bag when the second Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer finally drops.