Spider-Man: No Way Home Runtime Reportedly Revealed


If even half the rumors we’ve been bombarded with turn out to be true, then Spider-Man: No Way Home is virtually obligated to be a very long movie. Even the footage seen in the trailer contained enough nods, winks, hints and teases to guarantee that there’s going to be an awful lot going on when Tom Holland’s Peter Parker swings back into theaters in December.

Jon Watts’ threequel needs to deal with the fallout from No Way Home‘s ending where Peter’s secret identity was exposed to the world, set up the exposition-heavy sequences with Doctor Strange and the subsequent spell casting that follows, give each multiversal villain a fitting introduction and action sequences, presumably rope Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield into the fold, resolve the plot by the time the credits roll and tie directly into the Sorcerer Supreme’s solo sequel.

That’s without even mentioning the roster of returning characters who all need screentime to further their own respective arcs like MJ, Ned, Aunt May and Happy Hogan. If No Way Home was as long as Avengers: Endgame, nobody would be surprised in the slightest. With that in mind, a theater chain has reportedly revealed the running time of the film, but it’s a long way away from being made official.

Tickets are already being made available for the day Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives, and the UK’s Cineworld is hedging its bets on 150 minutes. While there’s every chance this is just a placeholder, it sounds about right when you consider the sheer amount of plot, which would make it the longest non-Avengers effort in Marvel Cinematic Universe history.