Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Leak Spawns Angry Kevin Feige Memes

Kevin Feige Star Wars

Kevin Feige does his best to maintain the veil of secrecy around every upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project for as long as possible, something that’s especially true of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Bar a couple of images that preceded the official title reveal, we haven’t seen a shred of footage or any official production stills from Tom Holland’s third solo outing.

That’s very atypical of the MCU when there’s less than four months to go until No Way Home swings into theaters, but we’re all expecting the first trailer to arrive later today. The bad news is that a leaked version was making the rounds just a few hours ago, with Sony currently on the rampage trying to erase it from online existence.

Of course, a whole lot of people have no doubt already seen it by now, although plenty of others will be more than happy to wait for a pristine high quality clip rather than grainy cellphone footage. Needless to say, MCU fans were quick to swamp the internet with furious Feige memes, which you can check out below.

Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer previously had a thinly-veiled dig at Alfred Molina when Sam Raimi’s Doctor Octopus became the first member of the cast to divulge any concrete information regarding the multiversal plot, something that may have irritated Feige behind the scenes, even if he played it for laughs in public.

Both Sony and Marvel will be furious that the maiden footage Spider-Man: No Way Home circulated online well ahead of schedule, but at least it’s set to culminate in what promises to be an epic trailer that’ll dominate the cultural conversation for the rest of the day.