Spider-Man/X-Men Crossover Movie Rumored To Be In The Works


Tom Holland’s contract to play Peter Parker expires after the release of this December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, but you can probably and very safely bet your house on the actor sticking around as the web-slinger for a long time to come, especially when he only turned 25 this past June.

The actor’s six-film agreement saw him star in three solo movies and a trio of Marvel Cinematic Universe projects outside of Sony’s purview, so it stands to reason that his next deal would operate under similar terms. We’ve heard plenty of speculation about what the short and long term future holds for Holland’s web-slinger, as well as who he’ll potentially bump into, with the latest addition to the rumor mill claiming that Sony and Marvel are in talks for a Spider-Man and X-Men crossover.

Not many additional details are provided, other than the notion it could be based on six-issue miniseries Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine, essentially a time traveling buddy adventure that features a trip to Mojoworld. That doesn’t sound like the most obvious candidate from the comic book back catalogue, especially when it would require someone inheriting the mantle of Logan from Hugh Jackman, but Kevin Feige isn’t above deviating wildly from the source material when the occasion calls for it.

We’ve been waiting so long just to see even a shred of footage from No Way Home that looking into a crystal ball and touting a Wolverine team-up sounds more than a little far-fetched, but we know the X-Men are on the way to the MCU eventually, Feige plans out the general direction of his mythology years in advance and Tom Holland isn’t going anywhere, so who’s to say Spider-Man won’t be heading on some wild adventures in the years to come?