Spider-Man Day Had Fans Hoping For A No Way Home Trailer Again


In case you didn’t know, August 1st has been designated Spider-Man Day, probably because nobody seems to recall the exact date issue fifteen of Amazing Fantasy hit shelves in 1962, so a compromise was made to simply celebrate it on the first day of the month instead.

As you may also be aware, fans are getting more than a little impatient waiting for a trailer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s No Way Home to drop. We heard months ago it was coming ‘soon’, then the speculation shifted to either June or July, as well as the birthdays of Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and director Jon Watts. Obviously, that hasn’t happened yet, but that didn’t stop several hopeful Spidey enthusiasts from crossing their fingers nonetheless.

Despite being burned several times before and getting their hopes up and then swiftly dashed on multiple occasions, there was admittedly a slight air of desperation to the notion that the first footage from Tom Holland’s third solo outing would arrive on Spider-Man Day, as you can see below.

At this stage, if there’s no promo playing in front of September releases Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings or Venom: Let There Be Carnage, then the fanbase is really going to get pissed off, and it would be a smart way for both Marvel Studios and Sony to help drive up box office takings for their respective superhero blockbusters.

Maybe this will finally be the month where we clap eyes on Spider-Man: No Way Home, but then again, there’s every chance that it won’t, especially when reshoots are currently underway as we speak to put the finishing touches to the threequel.