Spider-Man 3 Audition Video May Reveal [SPOILERS] Death


Spider-Man 3 is getting more and more intriguing by the day. Following the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch and Jamie Foxx and all those rumors of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning, a new audition video for a very exciting addition to the MCU may reveal a huge spoiler that could transform the Spidey movie franchise.

Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse has uncovered a now-deleted audition posted on Vimeo from an African-American actor trying out for the part of “Daniel.” Coupled with intel supplied by Daniel Richtman, it seems like a safe bet that this “Daniel” is really Miles Morales. In the video, the character is depicted as being a big fan of Spider-Man who’s stopped in the street by a cop for wearing a Spidey T-shirt, no doubt because of Peter Parker being framed by Mysterio in Far From Home. 

But it’s possible that Peter’s got much bigger problems coming his way, as the audition also features “Daniel” reacting to a news report on TV which reveals that Spider-Man has died. Now, as Murphy points out, it is possible that this video isn’t genuine, but even if it is, it seems that Marvel is highly unlikely to kill off Peter for good. And if that’s the case, then maybe we can infer something about the plot from this.

Murphy suggests that the scene could actually be set on another Earth, one where Spidey does indeed die and Miles takes over. After all, we know that the multiverse will come into play in the movie through Doctor Strange, hence Foxx’s return as Electro. This Miles may then cross over to the mainstream universe for future films, as we’re hearing Marvel is after someone to play him in up to six movies.

We’ll know more as Spider-Man 3 enters production in earnest before it hits theaters in December 2021, but in the meantime, feel free to speculate down below.