Will Spider-Man: Far From Home Introduce Miles Morales Into The MCU?

Miles Morales Spider-Man Far From Home

The latest trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home dropped quite a few surprises into the world of the MCU. Arguably the biggest of these reveals is the existence of alternate dimensions, and, if Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is to be believed, beings that can travel between them. So it’s only natural for fans to assume that with the introduction of Marvel’s Multiverse, Miles Morales can’t be far behind.

When pressed in a recent interview, Far From Home director Jon Watts revealed that he doesn’t know if Miles, who’s the Spider-Man of his own alternate dimension, is set to appear in the MCU, but he did say the following:

“We had to look at it in terms of the scope of what happened at the end of Endgame. Seeing all the crazy things that they did and all the questions that raises. So we’re definitely trying to answer one of the big ones — alternate timelines. So many possibilities opened up at the end of Endgame, and Peter Parker is one of the few people on the ground dealing with them… There is no Miles in this film, or at least not yet. But who knows… we edit these films down to the last second, so you never know.”

Yet, just because Miles isn’t in the current cut of the movie, doesn’t mean that Far From Home couldn’t set up his introduction down the line. Both this film and its predecessor, Spider-Man: Homecoming, established Peter Parker as a character in search of guidance. Whereas Homecoming provided Parker with a mentor in Tony Stark, the sequel establishes Mysterio as a possible replacement (ya know, until his villainous heel turn that we’re all expecting). Establishing a Multiverse, introducing Miles, and setting up Peter as his advisor could be a very interesting arc for the character that hasn’t yet been explored in the many Spider-Man films that came before. After all, Tom Holland seems down to pass his torch on to a new generation when the time is right.

Last year, Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sold the idea of interdimensional Spider-Men to a general audience, most of who had probably never even heard of the Marvel’s Multiverse. The animated feature not only raked in money and took home an Oscar, but introduced Miles Morales to a film-going public. The character’s been a favorite since his debut in the Ultimate comics line, and many were disappointed that he wasn’t selected to be the face of Spidey upon Marvel Studios’ reboot.

While nothing is certain, the Multiverse theory presented in Spider-Man: Far From Home seems like the easiest way to bring Miles into the MCU, and giving credit where credit is due, Marvel is too clever to give us a rehash of Into the Spider-Verse. Until we get solid confirmation on the character’s appearance though, we can only wait to see just how the big Multiverse reveal plays out when the latest Spider-Man sequel hits theaters on July 2nd.