Spider-Man: Far From Home Confirmed To Have Two Post-Credits Scenes


After 21 movies, Marvel fans know to stay to the end of the credits to make sure they catch not just the typical mid-credits sequence but also the additional scene right at the end of the film. Avengers: Endgame might’ve tested your patience, though, as it didn’t feature any post-credits scenes. Make sure you don’t leave early for Spider-Man: Far From Home, however, as it’s now been revealed that it has two surprises waiting after the credits start rolling.

As said, this is per the norm for the MCU, but it’s good to have it confirmed that the franchise will still be moving ahead with its iconic trope through the end of Phase Three and beyond. There’s no telling exactly what awaits in Far From Home’s credits, of course, but now we know that we have to stick around and this time will be greeted with more than that clanking sound at the end of Endgame.

Going by the pattern established in previous movies, the mid-credits teaser will be the big one that promises what’s coming in the sequel – in this case Spider-Man 3. The second is then just an extra bit of fun, generally one last laugh before we leave the theater. For instance, Spider-Man: Homecoming concluded with Captain America giving us a tongue-in-cheek lecture about the potential pitfalls of patience.

A supposed leak released a month ago may have actually told us what the mid-credits scene will consist of. Look away now if you want to avoid any potential spoilers, but according to this leaked description, the sequence will introduce the Sinister Six, with Vulture and Scorpion returning and Mysterio joining the team. It may even introduce David Morrissey as Norman Osborn.

That’s all unconfirmed at the moment though, and we likely won’t know for sure until Spider-Man: Far From Home lands in theaters on July 2nd.