New Spider-Man: No Way Home Leak Reveals Daredevil’s Role


A major Spider-Man: No Way Home plot leak may reveal exactly what role Daredevil plays in the upcoming threequel.

For the longest time, Charlie Cox has been rumored to be reprising his part as the Hornhead in the movie, with the concept gaining steam after the former Netflix star was reportedly spotted on set earlier this year. We’ve come to expect him to maybe not suit up in this appearance, but to feature via his day job as attorney Matt Murdock. And that’s something that’s corroborated by these new plot details.

What’s being pitched as a full breakdown of the film’s story has been shared on 4Chan, so there’s a high chance this is inaccurate. However, these details do generally match up with what we’ve heard about Spider-Man 3 before now, meaning it’s possible they could be on the money. Given that, you may wish to look away to avoid major spoilers…

Cox is said to turn up right at the end of the pic. After his multiversal adventure with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spideys is over with, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will finally get his name cleared, thanks to the help of Matt Murdock representing him in court. However, Peter’s identity as Spider-Man will remain known to the world.

Daredevil’s cameo being saved up to the end would make a lot of sense, essentially repeating the trick that worked with J.K. Simmons’ surprise return as Jameson in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Likewise, we know that Marvel were only able to use the character after his Netflix lease elapsed late last year. So, a quick appearance in a coda scene is the most feasible way for them to slot him in. But again, this leak could come to nothing.

In any case, we’ll find out when Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into cinemas on December 17th.