Spider-Man: Homecoming Fan Discovers New Damage Control Cameo


The superhero clean-up operation Damage Control finally made the jump from the comics into the MCU in Spider-Man: HomecomingThe governmental department set up by Tony Stark didn’t make too much of an impact, though, as they only appeared in the pre-credits scene of the movie, which was set directly after the events of 2012’s The Avengers.

One fan has spotted another occasion in Homecoming, however, when the department shows up again. The morning after Spidey faced some crooks in Avengers masks armed with Chitauri weaponry, Damage Control director Anne Marie Hoag (Tyne Daly) and Agent Foster (Gary Weeks) can be briefly spotted at the scene of the crime. They both also featured in the film’s opening scene, too, and here’s how Reddit user MaximumVibe put it:

“A little detail I noticed whilst watching homecoming. The man and woman from damage control who took over from Toomes’ crew at the start of the movie can also be seen at the aftermath of the attack at the atm vestibule.”

See for yourself in the screenshots below, as supplied by the Redditer:

You might remember that fans were expecting Tyne Daly to have a much bigger role in Homecoming than she did – for a while there, one widespread theory stated she could be a gender-swapped J. Jonah Jameson. It was a surprise, then, when the actress only appeared in a single sequence as Hoag. This cameo suggests that she had another scene in the movie which was ultimately cut, leaving the brief glimpse of her and Foster as the only sign that Damage Control were on the scene.

Of course, it’s possible we could see more from the organization again in future MCU installments. ABC was developing Damage Control sitcom set in the continuity of the movies a few years back, after all. However, this was ultimately shelved, perhaps due to the failure of DC’s similarly-themed Powerless. They do go way back in the comics though, so it’d be a shame if Spider-Man: Homecoming ended up being Damage Control’s only appearance.