Where To Spot Army Of The Dead’s Robot Zombies

Army of the Dead

Netflix’s Army of the Dead is a typically bombastic Zack Snyder effort that features plenty of worldbuilding, but there were countless hints and teases towards a much larger and altogether more bizarre mythology that were never picked up on.

Presumably, the filmmaker is hoping to save some of the more wild revelations for a potential sequel, which looks likely to be happening given that Army of the Dead is on track to become one of the streaming service’s most-watched original movies ever. As well as confirming that his Alphas have sex, though, which opens the door to the undead reproducing at an alarming rate, there was also the nod towards a time loop that would make the film one of just many attempts by the crack team to pull off the central heist.

Then there are the robot zombies, which Snyder confirmed well before Army of the Dead was released, even though they don’t factor into the plot whatsoever, and are never mentioned or referenced aloud. We get our first glimpse when the Alpha Queen’s decapitated body is brought back to Zeus and you can see several of the standard shufflers with glowing blue eyes, and then later during the basement shootout, a few of the undead horde have their heads explode in a puff of blue mist instead of the typical brain matter. Also, when Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward shoots one of his pursuers in the face during the casino sequence, a large portion of its visage comes with it, revealing what’s clearly a metallic skull and a cybernetic eyeball.

Snyder has now teased zombies that f*ck, Area 51, aliens and robots for his expanding Army of the Dead universe since the movie premiered, so things will surely only get crazier from here.