The Star Trek Community Pays Tribute To Stan Lee


Though Stan Lee and Star Trek aren’t two things you’d usually associate with one another, the comic book legend does have a connection to the sci-fi franchise. It may not be a substantial one, but Marvel Comics actually published a number of Trek series, mini-series and standalones in the early 1980s and late 90s. And though Stan the Man is obviously more known for his contributions to pop culture involving costumed crusaders – think Spider-Man, Black Panther, the X-Men, etc. – he’s still got his ties to the franchise that Gene Roddenberry spawned all those years ago.

As such, countless Star Trek actors, from across the various TV shows and movies that’ve been released over the decades, have come forth to pay their respects to the man following his tragic death earlier this week. Including but not limited to, we have tributes from Patrick Stewart, Karl Urban, LeVar Burton, Zoe Saldana and many more, and you can check them all out down below.

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RIP Stan Lee. May you rest among the stars.

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Some people are influences. Others—a rare few—rearrange the very structure of your neurons. #StanLee’s creative and artistic contribution to the Marvel pantheon has been debated endlessly, but one has only to look at #JackKirby’s solo work to see what Stan brought to the partnership: an unshakable humanism, a faith in our human capacity for altruism and self-sacrifice and in the eventual triumph of the rational over the irrational, of love over hate, that was a perfect counterbalance to Kirby’s dark, hard-earned quasi-nihilism. In the heyday of their partnership, it was Stan’s vision that predominated and that continues to shape my way of seeing the world, and of telling stories about that world, to this day. #olevhasholem

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It’s clear from these messages that even though a lot of these actors never directly worked with Stan or portrayed any of the characters he created, he still had a tremendous impact on their lives. And that’s really been the case for most people who’ve been paying tribute this week, with everyone from Hollywood A-listers like Dwayne Johnson to even Elon Musk showing their respect for the industry icon.

Though most of us never had the privilege of knowing Stan Lee in person, his legacy persists in the world and so long as the characters he helped create continue to evolve and find new audiences, which they will, his memory will remain in our midst.