Star Trek Reportedly Bringing Back Old Villains For Future Projects


If you’re a fan of Star Trek, then the good news is that there’s a bombardment of fresh content on the way, with Paramount announcing plans to debut a new show every quarter, positioning the beloved sci-fi franchise as one of the cornerstones of the studio’s freshly-launched streaming service.

Even if you’re not, then there are so many episodic iterations of the property in development that the chances of being converted into a Starfleet enthusiast have exponentially increased. Television is clearly the immediate priority for Star Trek, especially when the brand has struggled to get a new theatrical movie out of development hell.

J.J. Abrams was recently announced to be producing another feature-length Trek, which has presumably taken precedent over all the other pitches being thrown Paramount’s way over the last few years, and insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that future Star Trek projects will be bringing back familiar villains. The tipster doesn’t offer any further information, though, so we’ll just have to draw our own conclusions as to whether it’ll happen on the big or small screen, or perhaps even both.

The Khan prequel miniseries Ceti Alpha V exists somewhere out there in the ether, but Richtman claims that additional bad guys from the franchise’s long and illustrious lore are also set for comebacks of their own. Khan is arguably the most famous, though the Enterprise crew have faced some memorable antagonists over the years including the Borg, John de Lancie’s recurring Q, nefarious Cardassian Gul Dukat and those goddam Tribbles to name but a small few, so there’s plenty of inspiration to draw from to influence the next batch of Star Trek stories, however and wherever they may unfold.