Star Wars’ Chewbacca Will Strike Back In Chewie

According to Heat Vision, director Kyle Newman, who helmed the Star Wars comedy Fanboys, is developing a new film titled Chewie, which will tell the story of Peter Mayhew, the over-seven-foot English actor who played the Wookiee sidekick to rogue Han Solo in several of the Star Wars films.

Described as having a satirical spin, the script, which was near the top of the 2011 Black List of Unproduced Screenplays, follows Mayhew during the making of the original 1977 Star Wars film as he balances his career as a hospital worker with his dreams of becoming an established actor.

Newman secured Mayhew’s life rights to further develop the script and Mayhew has revealed that he will be contributing to the development of the project.

I love all things Star Wars so I’m a bit biased, but I’m ready to buy my ticket. A number of biographically-centric films have made their way to the big screen over the years and it’s about time that one of them was addressed to the geek in all of us.

What do you think? Will audiences head to theatres to see Chewie? Or is the film only going to appeal to die-hard Star Wars fans?