New Report Teases The Incredible Level Of Action In Star Wars: Episode IX


Though Star Wars: Episode IX remains shrouded in mystery, it’s a safe bet that director J.J. Abrams is aiming to go big for the Sequel Trilogy finale, both in terms of emotions and the scale of the spectacle.

Sure enough, an anonymous user on Reddit – who reportedly provided sufficient proof to convince people that they’re involved in the production – offered their assurance that this next film will bring us action on a level that the saga has never seen before. In a now-deleted comment, the user wrote that “the scale of the film is incredibly large, even by Star Wars standards, and fans will be surprised.” The Redditor also mentioned that they’ve spoken to one crew member who liked The Last Jedi and one who didn’t, and that both seemed equally impressed by the production.

Obviously, it’s best to approach such claims with a pinch of skepticism, but this anonymous Redditor isn’t the first source we’ve heard who was wowed by the scale of the sets. Last month, for instance, filmmaker and podcaster Kevin Smith reported that Episode IX had the biggest set he’d ever seen in his life after paying the production a visit, adding that Abrams is “not directing a movie, it’s like he’s directing a small country.”

What exactly will be unfolding on these huge sets remains to be seen, with the feature’s first trailer rumored to still be several months away. That being said, it’s also a popular prediction right now that the movie’s official title will be announced by the end of the month, but regardless of what these coming weeks bring, all will be revealed when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

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