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Snoke To Return In Star Wars: Episode IX? Andy Serkis Chimes In

Black Panther's Andy Serkis suggests that we haven't seen the last of Supreme Leader Snoke, and he may well return in Star Wars: Episode IX.

Could Supreme Leader Snoke be resurrected in time for Episode IX?

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That’s one of the big debates currently swirling around the Star Wars fanbase – up there with Rey’s parentage and the possible return of Luke Skywalker – and that’s despite the fact that Snoke was sliced in half, Darth Maul-style, during the midst of The Last Jedi.

Lucasfilm and Rian Johnson refuse to be drawn about Snoke’s future – or lack thereof – but while promoting Marvel’s imminent Black Panther, the Supreme Leader himself, Andy Serkis, tackled those rumors head-on in a recent interview with /Film:

Look, it’s Star Wars, so you never know how life, or whether life can be come back to or not. Whether you can be resuscitated or brought back. I was shocked. Dramatically, it felt absolutely right for that moment in the film, so I didn’t question it. I just think it’s a very, very important scene, so I didn’t question it. But I do, I know it’s left fans feeling like, that they were really searching for something there. And what I’m saying is, who knows?

And to quote the illustrious Ian Malcolm, a vocal minority of Star Wars fans have been so preoccupied with Snoke’s potential second coming that they haven’t stopped to think whether the former Supreme Leader should come back.

After all, The Last Jedi‘s Throne Room fight is arguably one of the best Star Wars moments in recent memory, and if J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio were to resurrect Snoke – or, by the same token, undercut the character’s death through plot (read: astral projection) – it would only undo Rian Johnson’s hard work.

With Snoke ostensibly out of the picture, Star Wars: Episode IX can double down on Kylo Ren – the prince of darkness, heir apparent to Darth Vader – and his rivalry with Daisy Ridley’s Rey. Episode IX has a lot of ground to cover, after all. And I, for one, hope Snoke’s potential resurrection isn’t drafted into the equation.