Star Wars Fans Freaking Out Over Return Of The Jedi Reference In The Bad Batch

Return of the Jedi

In a manner that’s all too familiar to fans of Dave Filoni’s Star Wars stories, the latest episode of The Bad Batch made a connection to Return of the Jedi that broke many a heart today.

During the events of “Rampage,” Hunter struggles to find out who hired Fennec Shand to hunt down Clone Force 99 and retrieve Omega. This leads the squad to Ord Mantell, where Echo contacts a former Jedi informant who goes by the name of Cid. The spy offers them his help, but only if they return it in kind by rescuing a child named Muchi from slavers.

The Bad Batch ultimately manages to track down the slavers and rescue the child, realizing that it’s actually a juvenile Rancor. But what’s ultimately interesting about this ordeal is when Hunter takes the child back to Cid, who then proceeds to hand him to none other than Bib Fortuna, Jabba the Hutt’s chief of staff.

Putting two and two together, Star Wars fans have now realized that Clone Force 99 went through all that trouble to save the Rancor only for Luke Skywalker to nonchalantly kill him in Return of the Jedi, and here are some of the reactions to the rather hilarious ending of “Rampage” that are going around on Twitter:

Of course, it’s not entirely clear whether that was the same Rancor whom Luke slaughtered when he entered Jabba’s palace. But then again, there weren’t many of them lying around the castle as he, Han and Leia tried to make a run for it in Episode VI.

What do you think about this, though? Do you believe that Muchi was the same Rancor as the one our heroes killed in the Star Wars Original Trilogy almost 20 years later? Sound off below.